The Importance of Additional Names

Having alternate names ready when forming an LLC is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that you have multiple options available if your desired name is already taken by another business. This helps avoid legal conflicts and confusion in the market. Secondly, alternate names allow you to maintain a strong brand identity, as you can choose a name that aligns more closely with your company’s vision and values. Lastly, having alternate names ready showcases your preparedness and professionalism in the business world. At Launch, we understand the significance of this process, which is why we offer a comprehensive name check service. With our expertise, we will search for any existing business names that may conflict with your desired name, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free LLC formation. Trust Launch to help you secure the perfect name for your business.

Existing Clients

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Manager Managed

  1. Popular where 1 or more of the owners will act as “Passive” investors
  2. Some owners may be “Passive” while others may be designated as “Managers”
  3. Some owners may be designated as Managers, some “non-owners” may be designated as managers, or any combination thereof may be designated.

Member Managed

  1. The most popular structure for LLCs with 1 or more owners.
  2. ALL Owners have control over the daily operations of the business.
  3. The owners have authority to bind the LLC by signing for a loan, negotiating and executing contracts, and managing other daily operations of the business.